Dis en een heel groot DAT: The Last Landdag

The early issues of dis magazine held columns titled “Dis en Dat” (This and That). Each column was composed of tidbits of feedback from members and other small bits of news. This issue our great big DAT is that this year will be the last for the DIS Landdag.

The March 1976 issue brought news that a “Field Day” or “Landdag” was being organized by the Dutch Immigrant Society in celebration of the bicentennial of the United States. The event was to be held in Holland, Michigan on the fifth of June and the entrance fee was to be 50 cents for anyone over twelve years of age.

After 42 years of DIS Landdags, the board has decided that this year’s Landdag will be the last for the DIS.

Over the years many nonprofit organizations benefited from the proceeds from selling Dutch goods and treats at Landdag. Many happy winners walked away with prizes, not to mention free trips to Nederland, all donated by generous sponsors of the DIS. Many volunteers helped with setup, running games, and clearing tables.

As the article from March 1976 stated, “The coordination of such a day not only takes much time, but also brings costs as well.” The board is getting on in years and the younger folks are not joining in. In the August 1976 issue of the magazine an article mentioned that membership was upwards of 14,000. Our membership now hovers around 1,000.

So this year Saturday September 8 will be your last chance to come out and celebrate with the DIS at Landdag. I hope you come out and make it a memorable day