Vertrokken Nederlands / Emigrant Dutch

Call for Participation

Linguists of the Meertens Instituut, in cooperation with the Dutch Language Union, have composed a survey for all emigrated Dutch and Flemish people, and for everyone descending from Dutch or Flemish emigrants. The purpose of the survey is to map where native speakers of Dutch, or of a dialect or regional language that is spoken in the Netherlands or Flanders, live around the world; in which situations they use their mother tongue; and if and how they pass their mother tongue on to the next generation.

You are invited to participate by filling out the survey in either English or Dutch.

The survey in Dutch can be found by clicking here.

The survey in English can be found by clicking here.

In addition, the researchers are looking for “citizen scientist” volunteers to help spread the word about the survey, especially among those who may not be able to access the online versions of the survey.  If you are interested in helping in this way or have any questions about the project, please contact the project leader, Dr. Nicoline van der Sijs at

We hope to be able to share the results of the project in a future issue of dis magazine.