June 2017 Issue Is On Its Way

Beter Nederlands! Beter Nederlands! Dr. Martinus Bakker is back again, two issues in a row! Yes, Dr. Bakker continues to delight and challenge us with another column this month, after having taken a little time off to take care of his health. I know all our members wish him well and look forward to much more Beter Nederlands to come! Also welcome again to Dr. Pegels and Dr. Homan, who both regularly contribute interesting articles on such a wide variety of topics.

Our annual membership renewal (still $10!) brought us some nice notes and $370 in extra contributions! Our membership stands at 1034.

The table of contents for Vol. 49 no 1 of dis magazine 

Editor’s Note 5
Beter Nederlands: Asjemenou ….!  6
Alfred H. Peet [1920-2007] Coffee Pioneer 10  12
The Atjeh Oorlog: The Longest Dutch War  13
Book Reviews 17
Pannenkoeken – ouderwets lekker  19
News in Brief  21
Upcoming Events 23

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