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If ever we needed a story about love in Paris, we need it now. If ever we needed a story about love in Nigeria, Iraq, West Bank, Lebanon, Egypt, China, the Philippines, Palestine, Mexico, Israel, Chicago, Grand Rapids, name your place, the whole world, it is now. These last days[…]

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The Dutch in America Across the Centuries: Connections and Comparisons Conference – Sept 17 to 19 – Albany New York

The Dutch experience in North America, from the voyage of Henry Hudson to the recent migrations of dairy farmers, stretches across four centuries. Two major scholarly traditions—one focusing on New Netherland and the other on the 19th- and 20th-century immigration, settlement, and culture in the Midwest and beyond—have studied the[…]

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The Royals Visit G.R. (and some other places in the U.S.)

The plain brown envelope that arrived in our mailbox mid-May looked deceptively like some kind of advertisement. The sticker on the back said “Pure Michigan,” and “Michigan Economic Development Corporation”. Thinking it was junk mail we almost did not bother to open it. But once we did and saw that[…]

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An Immigrant Story: Miss Fisher’s Gift

by Piet Reinier Knetsch We emigrated from the Netherlands in 1955. My father, Reinier Knetsch, had a burning desire to be close to his brother Freek, who had emigrated in 1947. My mother Maria had no desire to come to the USA, for doing so meant leaving her very close-knit[…]

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Welcome to the new website of the Dutch International Society, home of dis magazine. We appreciate your support and invite you to become a member.

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